Frequent ask questions

    ¿Where can I get EVOLUTION K?

    Only if you are a professional.

    • In your Coquette Professional distributor
    • If in your zone there is not distributor or you would like to be one, fill the formulary

    ¿Can I use EVOLUTION K in dyed or streaked hair?

    yes, you have to consider:

    • Over streaked haid, bleached or sensible one use temperatures over 180/190º.
    • Thermal Protect application over sensitive zones and tip hair. Over extremately punished hair, we recommend to apply (with Hair rinse) Intensive Mask Anti Age before and after the Treatment application 2ª and hair straigthening process.

    ¿Can the EVOLUTION K and color treatment be done the same day?

    Yes, you have to consider:

    • Color treatment: We recommend to do the straight treatment before the color treatment or a week after you have done the color treatment
    • Discoloration/hair locks: We recomment to do first hair locks/discoloration, then the EVOLUTION K treatments, and finally the tint
    • Advice: in decolorations after hair rinse tone, do a reconstruction by Treatment 2B, in order to tint afterwards, hair will look really good.

    ¿Can I apply EVOLUTION K in a dyed hair?

    Yes, you have to consider:

    • It is going to have a different evolution in order to the first hair dye you did,
      We recommend to do a fast test over a lock of hair to proceed in order to the results obtained in test. It’s going to be satisfactory.

    ¿Can I apply EVOLUTION K a classic uncurly hair?

    Yes, you have to consider:

    • Hair needs a perfect straightening, It will show healthier and brighter. Use the complete treatment (2A, and then 2B)
    • If it only needs to look healtier and brighter, use 2B Treatment (Capillary reconstruction)

    ¿How often can I repeat the treatment?

    When the client wants, there is not any problem.

    ¿Is it applied only in the hair root?

    • It will be applied throughout its length, ironing insist more on the flood.

    ¿Can I apply EVOLUTION in afro style hair?

    Si, you have to consider:

    • It’s difficult to hairdress, then It will be applied in the totally dry hair, let it a few minutes, over all ironing wicks very
      thin, use 230th and insist with the iron ( 7-10 times )

    ¿Can I use K EVOLUTION remove frizz?

    Si, you have to know:

    • We are going to use 2A ¼ + 2B ¾
    • We will apply purifying Shampoo over cleaned hair
    • We will apply a merge. wait 10 minutes and an intense hair rinse
    • Brushing dry with calor insist

    ¿Shoud I do a deep treatment rinse in hair?


    When the treatment day is finished it has to be rinsed.

    Has always Treatment 2B ended up being activated by brusshing comb heat?


    Tretament 2B is not a mask, if it does not belong to treatment, should be activated by intense heat.
    If it is not done, treatment has not been completed.

    ¿Is EVOLUTION K a keratine?

    • Keratin concept is asociated to first progresive and intelligent strightening hair ingredients like formol.
    • EVOLUTON K like other formoless brands, it works in a similar way like hair straightenenig but it is formed by other allowed products (A. Hyaluronic tannins , Hydroxy, and in the case of EVOLUTION K Marine Collagen and Keratin fluid)
    • Then, we are be able to say that EVOLUTION K is an organic, progessive and reconstructive capillary hair straightening, based in cell alignment.

    ¿Is there hair strightening diferences with the ancient formol keratins?


    The smooth k . formalin had a completely limp and fall hard to shape.
    The EVOLUTION K hair straightening is more natural (similar to brushing), with more movement, esasy to shape as well as to adapt in different combs.

    ¿How long the EVOLUTION K treatments will be able to use?

    • It depends on the hair length and quantity / thickness and porosity of the same
    • Progressive smoothness : for 2-3 hours
    • Reduced Curl 10 to 40% : As a classic drying and mask application
    • Hair Reconstruction : As a classic drying and mask application

    ¿How much EVOLUTION K do I have to use to get the hard straightening?

    It depends on longness, quatity and thickness hair.
    We can worth it between 60/70 grs.

    ¿When my client will be able to have a hair cleaning?

    He is be able to have a hair cleaning whenever he wants, there is not conditions.

    ¿Has client to keep a specify maintance?


    He have to use Intensive Shampoo and anti age mask, that gives marine collagen, A. Hyaluronic and fluid keratin treatment that will keep the hair in the best conditions.

    ¿Is it necessary to use saltless products in the maintenance?


    This concept was introduced by the ancient formol treatments, because the used salt affected them.
    EVOLUTION K trabaja con Colágeno, A. Hialurónico, Taninos, for this reason the mainteniance is based in the same ingredients.

    ¿Is the subsequent drying with heat necessary to get the best hair straightening treatment results?


    With New Links Heat generated Protein reach their point
    And achieve optimal desired smoothing.
    When is wet, in SOME cases you can see a gesture hair, what becomes smooth brushing effect by heat, straight hair and natural movement.

    ¿How much can I earn from every EVOLUTION K service?

    Prices vary depending on the length and amount of hair also depending on the location of the saloon you were determines the price.
    will represent the least impact on the cost, which remain our time. Our work time price have to be more assessed than the EVOLUTION K product prices, It must be assessed primarily.

    ¿Is EVOLUTION K an ORGANIC product?


    ¿Can I get the user manual?


    • Download PDF link
    • Video Link
      • ¿I need to do an allergy test or sensitivity?

          • Evolution has no problem of allergy or sensitivity
          • In people sensitive and / or prone to allergies We do recommend making a test to prevent possible sensitivities.
            ( Proceed impregnating the inside of the elbow and back of the ear product, wait 12 hours and if observed reactions like redness or other symptoms not apply the treatment)

        ¿Can I use a evolution K product in pregnant K?

          • Evolution K does not contain ingredients that recommend its contraindication , however RECOMMEND informing the client of the ingredients ( inci in back containers) and ask their opinion and acceptance doctor. By accepting what we can make with guarantees.
          • ¿Can I use it in kids? Evolution K does not contain ingredients that recommend its contraindication , but we do not recommend , since it is a long process and given the nature restless and impatient at this age and as we work with iron at high temperatures near the scalp , ears and skin can be counterproductive.